Buy site, site development in Donetsk
In a Web-studio DEVlab you have the option to buy site, prepared for the further promotion in search engines Yandex and Google. Our team have been creating websites for several years, and the team of specialists have the appropriate education in the field of web development, design, optimization and seo-site promotion.
In nowadays buy site is quite simple, the client only needs to explain all aspects of its future site and express your wishes by filling out the brief to develop the site. After all the questions and writing the TOR (terms of reference) for the brief, the team begins to develop the site, which is divided into several stages:
  • the creation of design layout of the site and its adoption
  • imposition layout and design adaptation
  • web programming and web design
  • domain name registration and hosting on hosting
  • ready to transfer to the client site and the instructions for its use.


From the moment when the client has decided to buy site and to transfer it into use, It may take more than 2 weeks of work, this term may decrease or increase depending on the complexity and the classification of the site. Period of 2 weeks, given for example, dates back to the creation of an online store.